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Kirsplash Truck & Car Wash is located in Middle Lake, SK. It officially opened for business in August of 2014. Since its opening, it has been enjoyed by many people, including the town residents, the lake life, as well as out of towners. It features a semi bay, as well as a car bay. Kirsplash offers a cash machine and superior soap products to ensure customer satisfaction!


7-Step Cleaning Process


Apply Pre-Soak to entire vehicle from bottom up. Clean with rinse.

Tire Clean

Apply Tire Cleaner to each tire. Clean with rinse.


Apply Soap to entire vehicle from bottom up.


Rinse entire vehicle from the top down.

Foam Brush

Scrub entire vehicle. Return brush to holder after use. Clean with rinse.


Apply wax to entire vehicle. Clean with rinse.


Vacuum inside vehicle and trunk area. Return hose to holder.


  • Semi/Car bay- 100 ft. by 20 ft.
  • Car bay- 40 ft. by 17 ft. (12’ x 12’ door)


  • Two Vacuum Cleaners
  • Vehicle mat holders
  • Change machine (accepts $5, $10 and $20 bills)

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