Aggregate materials are essential in most construction projects. Public works, commercial expansion and residential developments rely on such simple building blocks for success. Having worked with these materials for decades, we know quality when we see it. We also know how to make it. Our construction aggregates are mined and processed here in the heart of Saskatchewan. We use quality control through aggregate testing on all of our products. Get local supplies from an established name in the construction business!

Product Selection

Crushed Gravel

  • Traffic gravel: Used on both urban and rural driveways and roads. Good for a final layer in a yard site
  • Base gravel: (Highways Type 33 Spec) Used for area’s where superior compaction is required such as build up area’s in yards or overlay’s on roadways
  • Seal Gravel: (Highways Type 117 Spec)

Screened Gravel

Used for farmyards and inside Quonsets. It is lower quality than Crushed Gravel. It does not compact, making it is an inexpensive product for building up an area.  Available in two sizes:

  • 0.75 inch
  • 1.25 inch

Crushed Rock

Used for decorative landscaping, driveways or in combination with sand cement for all your concrete needs.  It provides a near mud-less and dustless surface and is available in the following sizes:

  • 0.5 inch
  • 1.0 inch
  • 1.5 inch

Pea Rock

A non-packing material commonly used on flat roofs, decorative landscaping and in gardens.

Pit Run

Pit run

A raw product (completely unprocessed/straight from the pit) used for filling holes such as old basements, creating bin pads, not recommended for driving on. Another inexpensive product that is good for building up an area.

Crusher Dust

A versatile product used on driveways, walkways, running tracks, inside Quonsets and around the yard. Forms a firm base when it has been rained on or sprayed down.

Natural Fines (Sand)

Used to backfill utility pipes and trenches, and to construct patios, volleyball courts, sandboxes, playgrounds, etc.. This shock absorbing material is commonly used to prevent bodily injury. It is also used for containing flood waters.


Used as the top layer in landscaping grassy areas or for gardening. This is where seeds germinate and helpful root systems begin.

Kirsch Construction (2008) Ltd. is able to supply aggregates throughout central Saskatchewan. From Humboldt to Wynyard, Birch Hills to Bruno, Wakaw to Lanigan, Wadena to Watson, we have you covered! For aggregate ordering, please call KCL office at (306) 682-8883.

For non-commercial or residential orders in the Humboldt area, please Call Humboldt Landscape and Leisure at (306) 682-8884 or visit their website at