Corporate Overview

Kirsch Construction (2008) Ltd. specializes in aggregate production, hauling, and supply, as well as excavation, deep patching, and site preparation. Kirsch Construction works extensively in the Humboldt area as well as throughout Central and Northern Saskatchewan.

Our History

First Era


Kirsch Construction Limited opened in 1953 under the name Kirsch Bros. The company consisted of one home-built screening plant and eight four-yard, single axle, centre dump gravel trucks. At that time, all of the Kirsch’s screening and hauling work was completed for Rural Municipalities. After several years of crushing and hauling, base equipment was added to Kirsch Construction’s equipment line.


A roll crusher was purchased and Kirsch earned tenders for the Department of Highways’ crushing and hauling projects.

Second Era


In 1961, Kirsch Bros. was incorporated under the name Kirsch Construction Limited and became a member of the Saskatchewan Roadbuilders Association. It received its first paving contract that year. Paving equipment was initially rented, but in 1967, an asphalt batch plant was purchased.


Throughout the 1970’s, Kirsch Construction employed approximately one hundred and fifteen people during the summer months and fifty during the winter. In 1973, a second asphalt plant was added and a third was opened in 1977. That same year, a roll crusher was sold and a cone crusher was purchased, which eliminated the need to weld rolls either at night or on weekends.

Third Era


Throughout this period, things changed as wages, fuel, and repair costs began to increase. In 1994, Kirsch Construction (1994) Ltd. was incorporated and Scott joined his dad in construction. This started the second generation of Kirsch’s in the construction industry.

2002, 2003

As contracts became more competitive and labourers were more difficult to find, the company sold two asphalt plants. Kirsch Construction sold its last paving spread in 2002 and its last base equipment in 2003.

Fourth Era


With the economic boom that Saskatchewan had experienced during this time, KCL seen an increase in sales, employees, and equipment. In 2008, the third version of Kirsch Construction was formed when Kirsch Construction (2008) Ltd. was incorporated. It employed an average of 25 personnel throughout the year. The company ran two crushing spreads and an average of six to eight tandem and tridem gravel truck and trailer combinations year round. In total, Kirsch Construction (2008) Ltd. owned and operated over 100 pieces of construction equipment. The company also operated various deep patching crews throughout the summer months and over time had vastly involved in the aggregate supply business.


Fifth Era


After 70 years in business, KCL moved its headquarters and shop to Humboldt, Sask. KCL purchased a 5 acre property along highway 5 east that was previously occupied by Pattison John Deere. We were in need of more shop space and a more central location and with the possible growth in the area due to the progress at the BHP potash mine near Leroy, Humboldt seemed like the place to relocate too. KCL is still operating two crushing spreads but has increased the trucking fleet to an average of 12 units of multiple configurations.


With the extra space at the new location, KCL and Brockman Enterprises decided collaborate and open Humboldt Landscape and Leisure. A retail outlet for all your landscape and leisure needs. From bulk aggregates, wood mulches, hardscapes, tools, coolers, BBQ's, etc. Everything you need to ``Create your Summer Oasis.``